Tapestry 1 cropped --darkened 180

quadrants of being displayed on space-time fabric
expressions of woven cosmic artistry
visions of unseen spectrums and subtle energies

floating spirals in uncharted space
dark lightning split shade/shadow
light/truth reveal nascent yearnings of divine intention

beings superimposed in intricate symmetry
spheres ascend into unfathomed depths
spiral corridors lead to mind’s eye

identity swept along fleeting currents and unconscious slipstreams
certain uncertainties evoke fear and emotional tidal fluctuations
wants and desires transported by inderterminate viscissitudes

hearts form in primordial matrices
compassionate interface reveal ancient beauty
kindness and equanimity calm troubled waters

womb space expanding and contracting birthing herself
placental waters nourish ebbing flows and lighten darkened perception
formed and formless conscious perfection emerge

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