Momentary discomfort

what is discomforted?

who is discomforted?

stomach upset

something I ate now eating me

body working toward homeostasis

somewhere, so-me-where?

in the body

in the discomfort

not all the body discomforted

arm feet hand eye not discomforted or comforted

tension between discomfort and comfort

merging comfort and discomfort

feeling both simultaneously



drinking tea


waiting for…

waiting on…

need for explanations waning

diagnoses and definitions

finite distractions

let them go

thank them for thier attention

they will find more more to do

smiling watching the inner-children play

hiding and seeking

finding and losing

this is what children do


silly rabbit

To Be or not to Be, is that the question or the answer?

…I am in the soup now.

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