Living the Paradox

living the paradox
not black or white
all smushed together
not wrong not right

catching the wave
feeling the scene
i open my eyes and start to dream

where's the exit
where's the tune
that leads to somewhere
somewhere in June

i can't make it real
and i can't make it fake
from what i can tell
there are no mistakes

just lessons to learn
and lessons that teach
thank the good Lord
i don't have to reach
cause when I try
the shit hits the fan
i'm not really a self-made man

a composite life
in eternal flux
i can no longer fret about the bucks

here -- i am
already here
arriving each moment
just watching the fear

i see in the distance
then i'm carried back to here
this is my life now
a moment clear

shit and shine
are just moments in time
forget the reasons
they never rhyme

lost in the moment
and found in the dream
society doesn't get it
in its self-cented scene

the bard begins
his words ablaze
silence befalls
the empty stage

the audience claps
they don't know what for
and still they hunger for more and more

don't blink or think
just take a drink
and let the muse sing you
out of your stink

I look in the mirror
and see my face
all I can sing is Amazing Grace

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