Wounded Child

Wounded child 
Hide and seek 
Crouched behind the bushes 
Afraid to peek 

Wounded child 
Where do you go?
I called you and called you 
Do you know?

Wounded child 
Where'd you get that gun?
Under the pillow 
You were having some fun 

Wounded child 
Your father's asleep 
Just pull the trigger 
Then you can weep

Wounded child 
The bang can't be unheard
Your ears are now ringing 
The ring makes things blurred 

Wounded child
I hear your sobs
The voices surround you
Angry mobs

Wounded child 
Come out to play
It's safe now and warm
Night’s turning to day

Wounded child 
You're welcome here
Come out, come out 
The way's becoming clear

Wounded child 
Your wounds don't make you wrong
Feel them, heal them 
Sing Chiron's song

3 responses to “Wounded Child

  1. Beautiful, John. I so relate. We are walking the same paces. I am back at Heather and Earle’s after an aborted housesit attempt at another friend’s, where there was some allergen too much to stay comfortably. Now I’m processing the trauma material that get’s triggerd and released from each such exposure. It’s all perfect. Riding the waves.



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