Crystals and Contradictions

Crystals and Contradictions

Clear as crystal
Dense as stone
Liquid, fluid, 
sometimes molten, 
sometimes fixed

Each state an ephemeral subtlety
like a wisp of smoke 
that gently rises to equanimity

Not bound with fire as separate from fire
flame and fuel, air and wick dance
each state a resonant frequency
of both seen and unseen forces
no distinctions except in fleeting, oscillating, perception.

Mirages of memory that haunt the graveyards of perception.
We hold on to the dead, and their souls are trapped here
longing for dissolution into stillness

We do not fully appreciate the passing of life
and resultantly, we carry with us the rotting memory 
of that that wants to be released back into the flame

Ride the contradiction
feel the tension when opposites meet.
A peculiar resonance forms
as matter and antimatter exchange breath.
The breech or rift that is formed at their embrace
in brilliant multi-dimensional hues,
becomes the wound created to allow
the formation of new realities

Sometimes violent
as old and new can no longer inhabit the same plane
but not with ill-intention or malice, 
or capricious and wanton destruction.

Opposites dance without contradiction.
As observer and the observed fuse, 
distinctions become less relevant
Contradiction lies in fixed perception

Relax the need to control uncontrollable forces
that create and destroy universes.
Atoms split to recombine in infinite combinations.

The subtle fields of compassionate intelligence
that permeate all consciousness,
forms a mycelial network if interbeing.

Light without source, 
as was before the conjugal intertwinement with darkness was split --
webs all frequencies 
even the most disparate contradictions
in a cohesive dynamic flux.

Compassion holds all in Her in-wombing embrace.

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