Masks and Mirrors

Masks & Mirrors

Masks & Mirrors

Masks & Mirrors is a result of inner graphic and poetic inquiry over a period of months in 2009. The colored pencil renderings are pixels of imperfect inner process birthed and brought forth with the intention of displaying creative conundrums and dubious deliberations. The pictures are raw, unschooled, unrefined, and at times sublime renderings of emptying mediations & meditations. The intention behind the pictures is not to reveal fine art and artistic mastery, but rather the unrefined renderings of soul discovering its nature. Graphic effects have been applied to some of the images to further reveal and unlock their nature for visual acuity. The original intention is un-retouched and unprocessed process. The poetry was inspired by the images muttering in my consciousness. The ideas are expressed in free verse and stream of consciousness. Each image whispers a story in poetic memes. Masks & Mirrors may reveal to observers clues to their own consciousness. The graphic and poetic depictions may not inspire, but may cause one to inquire. Allow your inner inquiry to ignite into the flame that is your being. Take off your Mask and look into the Mirror.

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