Welcome to John Hinton Art

Fluid Faces

Fluid Faces

Welcome new and old friends to my new and improved blog site for my art and writing. I have published my first book Masks & Mirrors available on Amazon https://www.createspace.com/3690464 . Masks & Mirrors is a result of inner graphic and poetic inquiry over a period of months in 2009. This is the first of many projects that I intend to publish. My intention is to inspire the creative spark that is the core of us all. Please explore, inquire, and enjoy.

Masks & Mirrors
vision, perception, deception, affection, conception
shifting spheres of reality that change with
light and shadow, today and tomorrow
illuminating, ruminating, undulating and associating

looks like, feels like, could be, should be, may be?
themes and variations, incarnations and reincarnations incantations and celebrations
cerebral, ceremonial, fictional, fanciful and functional
in-exacting extracting, sometimes distracting
play acting

seeing without looking, allowing and flowing
non-attachment to outcomes and out-goes
words and pictures
renderings and writings

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